econnecx making your Home Smarter

econnecxEntire Electrical Econnecx Installation econnecx provides electrical automation for your home that is simple to use and install.  As econnecx is web based it provides the ability to control your homes energy, environment and security from anywhere in the world. Our smart phone app provides simple and fast access for day to day use of your residential home automation.



 econnecx gives you remote access and control of your appliances and electrical fittings via the internet. EASY to install, SIMPLE to use!

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Energy Control

As econnecx offers additional control over conventional wiring you can considerably decrease the energy your home uses by scheduling key appliances like HWC’s, Instant or under bench water heaters, under tile heating and other heating appliances like heat pumps. To maximize energy savings econnecx ensures all standby item like TV’s, audio equipment, chargers etc. are isolated when you’re not at home and this can be automated when connected to an alarm.

As the econnecx smart phone app allows control of infrared controlled heating appliances, you can manage your environment to match your lifestyle, just set your heating appliance to the desired temperature as you are heading home and return to a comfortable environment knowing you did not have to leave on all day.


econnecx packages

Our price of $2,400.00 + GST includes control of the following

  1. Home/Away Mode
  2. Hot water cylinder
  3. Heated Towel rails
  4. Night lights (additional cost for night lights may apply)
  5. Entry Lights
  6. 2 x Heat pumps
  7. Garage door
  8. Alarm

Other Items that could be controlled are (additional costs apply)

  1. Under Tile Heating
  2. Feature Lighting Control
  3. Ventilation Systems
  4. 2nd Garage door or Automatic gate
  5. Blinds (Infra-red controlled only)
  6. Up-to a total of 5 Heat Pumps
  7. TV control Circuit
  8. SPA
  9. Sauna


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